PRANA system supports all main generating equipment of gas, steam-gas and steam-power units. Today, more than 3.2 GW or 2% of thermal generation in the Russian Federation is connected to the system. The cost of the connected equipment exceeds $4 billion. During the work with the power equipment, PRANA and the ROTEC’s Situational Center issued more than 185 information messages.

The PRANA system can also be effectively used on the equipment of nuclear power plants.

Automated control over the technical condition of NPP equipment is carried out through the functioning of systems and subsystems operating in their element and design base. A huge flow of information from various monitoring systems threatens with missing an important event (emergence of a stable trend), significantly slows down the process of equipment state assessment and making the right management decision.

Early detection of undesirable trends in the equipment operation before the actual occurrence of faults allows for preventive maintenance before they turn into disasters.

PRANA prediction and monitoring system is based on a Similarity Based Modeling method (SBM). This approach was developed specifically to monitor the status of equipment and measuring devices at nuclear power plants, where the reliability of early detection of equipment failure has the highest priority.

Variety of emergent defects in spare parts, assemblies and equipment systems manifests itself in a change in the technical condition. Uncontrolled development of defects causes a non-operating or a limit state of the object. PRANA enhances the sharpness of the automatic detection of deviation in pump unit technical condition by a deviation of a certain key indicator from the norm even before the actual occurrence of defects in different operating modes, indicating the contribution of all the parameters that caused the said deviation.

PRANA targets at NPP (with RBMK-1000 reactor):
  1. RBMK-1000 reactor
  2. К-500-65 turbine
  3. Generator
  4. Drum separator
  5. Main circulating pump
  6. Pressure header
  7. Distribution group header
  8. Shut-off control valve
  9. STORM flow meter
  10. Condenser
  11. 1st stage condensate pump
  12. Condensate clean up
  13. 2nd stage condensate pump
  14. Low pressure heater
  15. Deaerator
  16. Feed pump
  17. Small feed pump
  18. Filter
  19. High pressure ring
  20. Reducing station
  21. Moisture separator-reheater
  22. Bubbler
  23. Process condenser
  24. Condensate pump
  25. Main safety valve
  26. Circulating pump
  27. Syphon drainage shaft
  28. Cool down pump
  29. Regenerator (SPIR)
  30. Final cooler (SPIR)
  31. Bypass cleanup of repeated forced circulation circuit

PRANA prognostics system will be used to monitor the state of foundation of unit No. 6 at the CHP-3 in Pavlodar (Kazakhstan). The facility will be equipped with an integrity monitoring system based on acoustic emission method, as well as a set of sensors for defining temperature, deformation, angle of inclination, vibration and linear displacement — a total of 76 control points. Using this data, PRANA will be able at the earliest, not yet visible stage, to detect the formation of cracks and material degradation under the action of vibration from the turbine unit, to assess column deviations, as well as foundation movements. Data on the facility condition will be taken into account when analyzing the operation of the main equipment of a power unit, which will further increase the efficiency of the solution made.


Example (draft mnemonic diagram)

Example (draft mnemonic diagram)

Gas Turbines - фото - 2
Gas Turbines
Steam Turbines - фото - 1
Steam Turbines
Gas Booster Compressors - фото - 1
Gas Booster Compressors
Generators - фото - 1
Transformers - фото - 1
Boilers - фото - 1
Gas Piston Unit - фото - 1
Gas Piston Unit
Pumps - фото - 1
Water Treatment Plants - фото - 1
Water Treatment Plants
Mills - фото - 1
Gearboxes and Transmission Equipment - фото - 1
Gearboxes and Transmission Equipment
Electric Motors - фото - 1
Electric Motors
Blowers - фото - 1
Diesel Engines and Generators - фото - 1
Diesel Engines and Generators
Desalination Plants - фото - 1
Desalination Plants
Nuclear Reactors - фото - 1
Nuclear Reactors
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