PRANA prognostics system identifies the following types of defects and deviations in the operation of dynamic equipment ahead of time:
Failure of assemblies (machinery):
  • bearing assemblies (lack of lubrication, misalignment, loosening, damage to the outer ring, damage to the inner ring, damage to rolling elements, damage to the separator);
  • interconnections (shafts imbalance, coupling defects, gearing defects, poor fastening to the foundation and attached structures, damage to mechanical seals);
  • rotor (imbalance, runout, impeller defects, shaft cut, axial shift).
Electrical facilities:
  • transformers;
  • multi-purpose driving motors.
Heat and power facilities:
  • monitoring of the state of factory or district CHP (turbine units, compressor stations, pumping stations).
Gas facilities:
  • compressors of gas booster plants;
  • equipment of gas generating stations;
  • monitoring of the state of equipment of blast furnace gas fine purification stations.
Oxygen facilities:
  • compressor units of oxygen stations.
Water supply:
  • pumping units of circulating water stations.
Transformers - фото - 1
Pumps - фото - 1
Burning Kilns - фото - 1
Burning Kilns
Blast Furnaces - фото - 1
Blast Furnaces
Steel Furnaces - фото - 1
Steel Furnaces
Electrolyzers - фото - 1
Mills - фото - 1
Steel-Rolling Mills - фото - 1
Steel-Rolling Mills
Gearboxes and Transmission Equipment - фото - 1
Gearboxes and Transmission Equipment
Electric Motors - фото - 1
Electric Motors
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