25 November 2021
Our team is celebrating sports victories once again, as Artyom Vodeniktov, the leading power equipment specialist at the PRANA Division, has been steadily moving to the top: this past May, he finished third in the All-Russian Powerlifting Competition (classic triathlon) “White Nights” (Beliye Nochi),
28 October 2021

It becomes more and more difficult, from year to year, to ignore the technological paradigm. Digital transformation encompasses, to one degree or another, basic infrastructures and thus extends to many industries. Businesses actively introduce a digital toolkit allowing them to increase production efficiency, estimate possible risks, precisely plan repair campaigns, and optimize logistics.

Predictive analytics and remote monitoring systems are one such tool. In energetics, PRANA — a system manufactured and successfully adapted to meet the needs of the oil and gas industry by ROTEC — has become the industry standard.

23 September 2021
Industrial predictive analytics technologies are becoming more popular. New approaches to data processing are already helping to increase safety, reduce operating costs and improve statistics of technical failures of enterprises in different industries. Igor Trudonoshin, Director of the PRANA System Software Development Department of ROTEC JSC, told ComNews how predictive analytics works, what the boundaries of its application and development potential are.
01 September 2021

The PRANA Predictive Analytics and Remote Monitoring System has received another update of the operating system.

27 August 2021
The temperature in the hot zone of an energy gas turbine exceeds 1200 degrees Celsius. One of the most difficult tasks – monitoring of the state of the internal surface of the combustion chamber and other components of the hot tract – has been considered unsolvable for a long time. The assessment of their condition was carried out only during the planned repair of the turbine by instrumental and visual control.
26 August 2021

The industrial holding ROTEC JSC and Group-IB, one of the leading developers of solutions for detecting and preventing cyberattacks have entered into a cooperation agreement to ensure technological and cybersecurity of critical infrastructure facilities. The agreement was signed at the International Industrial Trade Fair Innoprom 2021 and will allow ACS and IS specialists of enterprises to observe and take proactive measures to prevent incidents caused both by service wear of equipment and as a result of cyberattacks.

20 July 2021

The industrial Internet begins with the introduction of systems based on mutual penetration of information technologies and automation devices of manufacturing equipment, such as the systems of remote monitoring and diagnostics. One of the inspection methods of the equipment’s condition is its continuous monitoring, which is a necessary condition for the transition to a service system on the operating condition

15 June 2021

According to Mikhail Lifshitz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ROTEC, Russian power engineering company, the venture capital market in its present state is currently raising people whose aim is not to create a winning product, but just to raise funds. With regard to his business, Mr. Lifshitz abandoned the speculative component and headed for the long-term integration of ideas into production.

29 May 2021

Despite the hazy weather and pouring rain, the yachtsmen were in a terrific mood! Three crews of racing yachts in Olympic Class SB20, mainly represented by employees of ROTEC, PRANA and TEEMP, took the whole winners podium in the amateur competition. For most of the participants, it was their first-ever experience of this kind – and they claimed victory straight away!

26 March 2021

The trend towards digitalization and flourishing of the service economy have led to the emergence of a new model – Maintenance-as-a-Service. Let’s explore how it’s organized and the benefits that it offers to business.

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