01 June 2020

Predictive analytics and online IIoT surveillance systems respond to modern challenges

09 April 2020

The introduction of a self-isolation regime, along with measures to prevent the rapid spread of coronavirus infection, has affected many businesses, and has brought some to a complete halt. However, IIoT solutions have revealed new opportunities for responding to the changing situation. The PRANA hardware and software complex has made it possible to minimize the negative consequences of the ongoing situation.

23 March 2020

With the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, many employers are moving their employees to remote work. Those who are not yet ready for this move must comply with government instructions, which include cancelling mass gatherings and monitoring the health of employees. Top managers and owners of Russian companies tell us how they are managing to go on working in these new conditions without reducing the efficiency of their processes.

12 February 2020

Almost three years ago, when the term “digitalization” was still perceived as a neologism in the Russian business lexicon, and the mass introduction of digital services, mainly imported ones, was just beginning in our domestic industry, the ROTEC JSC advancement – the Predictive Analytics and Remote Monitoring System PRANA – was registered in the Unified Register of Russian Programs.

03 February 2020

Mikhail Lifshitz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ROTEC, explains why he is against solar power plants, considers the real need for the in-house manufacture of high-capacity gas turbines in Russia, and points out the mistake of Elon Musk.

21 January 2020

Russia’s Rotec and Germany-based Siemens have signed a cooperation agreement to build a unified information environment in the energy sector. The document was signed by Ivan Panasyuk, general director of Rotec JSC, and Zhanna Shalygina, director of Siemens Digital Industries in Russia.

20 January 2020

ROTEC and Siemens have signed a cooperation agreement to build a unified information environment in the energy sector. The document was signed by Ivan Panasyuk, General Director of ROTEC JSC, and Zhanna Shalygina, Director of Siemens Digital Industries in Russia.

10 January 2020

News story of the C21TV channel (Singapore) covering the Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC trade fair (ITAP-2019).

24 December 2019
RusHydro PJSC and ROTEC JSC signed a contract to introduce the PRANA predictive-analytics and remote-monitoring system at Yakutskaya SDPP-2. PRANA is to monitor and predict the technical condition of 4 General Electric LM 6000 PF DF gas turbine units, 4 Brush turbo-generators, 4 КУВ-38.1-185 heat-recovery boilers, 2 Atlas Copco TP10T22D1 gas-booster compressors and 4 unit transformers.
23 December 2019

In western Europe you may think of security of power supply in terms of keeping the regulator happy and avoiding fines. In the extreme cold of Russia and Kazakhstan says Jeremy Cowan, the focus is on saving lives by avoiding unexpected shutdowns in power generation.

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