01 July 2019
Experts from the PRANA Predictive Analytics and Remote Monitoring System have started an alpha testing of a new software and data system capable of tracking and providing calculation of technical and economic indicators (TEI) for the connected facility in 24-hour automatic mode.
13 November 2018

The state Register of computer programs includes the new program modules of the PRANA prognostic system. They are intended to emulate possible accidents and malfunctions, to automate technical reporting, and also to automatically update digital models after repair or service of the equipment.

26 October 2018

ROTEC specialists successfully connected two Alstom GT13E2 gas turbines operated at Novogorkovskaya CHPP of PJSC T Plus to the PRANA prognostics system. The total capacity of the equipment is 360 MW. The PRANA mathematical model monitors and every second updates 344 operating parameters of the connected Alstom turbines.

29 August 2018

Two 230 MW combined-cycle power plants were commissioned at Kazan TPP-1 (Tatenergo, JSC). These are the Russia’s first power units initially connected to a Russian equipment-status prognostics system.

31 May 2018

The Belarusian colleagues studied the functional characteristics of the prognostic equipment for PRANA power devices. The new equipment has been designed and patented by ROTEC JSC . The company staff showed differences between the new system and the traditional monitoring systems installed by manufacturers of power equipment on their machinery.

23 May 2018

Ural Turbine Works (ROTEC Holding) has developed Russia’s first turbine for waste incineration plants — Kp-77-6,8. This makes it possible to abandon the use of expensive equipment from foreign producers in favour of domestic technologies. Furthermore, due to the use of ROTEC Holding’s prognostic technologies, the new turbine now has the highest level of reliability.

22 May 2018

AlfaStrakhovanie and ROTEC have signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of technological risk forecasting and insurance. The companies have agreed on the possibility of using the PRANA industrial equipment condition prognostics system for retrospective analysis of incidents which have led to the occurrence of insured events. 

23 August 2017

The pilot project is aimed at detecting possible equipment malfunctions at the early stage of their inception — 2-3 months before such a potential malfunction occurs. The system will analyze data on the condition of the main equipment of the CCPP-450 unit.

10 July 2017

The International Industrial Fair Innoprom-2017 began with a visit by the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Mikhail Lifshitz, Chairman of the Board of Directors, at ROTEC, told the President about the PRANA System used for prognostics and monitoring of the condition of industrial equipment, new turbines for Moscow and nuclear-powered icebreakers made by the Ural Turbine Works (UTW), about TEEMP's supercapacitors, projects of the T Plus Company and the Kamensk-Uralsky Non-Ferrous Metal Working Plant.

16 June 2017

Maxim Lipatov, Chief Specialist of ROTEC Monitoring and Forecasting Department, spoke during the panel discussion called "Management of Resources and Fixed Assets" of the IT summit "Digital Oil Field", where he described the PRANA system of prognostics and monitoring of the condition of industrial equipment.

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