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The System That Never Sleeps

A gas turbine outage is a major and by no means straightforward event. Plant personnel are to strictly adhere to the established procedure, and monitor numerous parameters. No wonder that slight performance deviations can be missed.

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PRANA and the Quest for Unobvious Relations

The human mind is unable to track the correlations between hundreds of diverse values. Instead, it can develop a prognostic system to help. Learn how PRANA finds concealed relations and reveals equipment defects.

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The Story of a Booster Compressor

A cogeneration plant equipped with the PRANA prognostics system re-launched a BORSIG T-Jet 70-4 booster compressor after repairs. After the compressor had been started, a PRANA Situational Center operator noticed low primary gas pressure at the seals of compressor stages 1-4. 

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