Water Supply

A water treatment plant (WTP) of Akademicheskaya CHP is connected to the PRANA prognostics and remote monitoring system and includes the following equipment:
  • pre-treatment facility (disc filters, carbon filters);
  • ultrafiltration plant;
  • I stage reverse osmosis system (ROS);
  • II stage reverse osmosis system (ROS);
  • electric deionization unit (EDU).

Currently, preparation is underway for connection of the water treatment plant of Nizhneturinskaya SDPP to the PRANA prognostics and remote monitoring system.

Mnemonic diagram of water treatment plant

Mnemonic diagram of water treatment plant

PRANA is used to monitor facilities such as::
  • water pre-treatment facilities (coagulation, flocculation);
  • self-cleaning filters;
  • mechanical water treatment plants;
  • ultrafiltration plants;
  • ion exchange plants (direct-flow and reverse-flow technologies);
  • reverse osmosis systems (ROS);
  • electric deionization unit (EDU);
  • condensate polishing plants (CPP);
  • self-sufficient demineralization plants (SDP);
  • reactant treatment plants;
  • wastewater treatment plants.
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