Communal Service

Industrial Internet allows to combine all system elements and provide the forecast of loads, equipment operating modes and parameters for them
Communal service
What is happening now:
There are many separate suppliers, producers, resource consumers of various legal forms. Each of them uses its own database, information collection and automation, from pocket notebook to Data centers.
The purpose of formation of a unified information system is:
Combining information on all life stages of a resource to improve the rationality of its extraction and use.
How to:
  1. Organize data collection from existing disparate information systems and raise investments for “cybernization” of systems where no remote data collection is possible.
  2. Organize storage and analysis of the data received.
  3. Provide a friendly interface for all information users — suppliers, manufacturers, consumers.
  4. PRANA prognostics system provides continuous parametric diagnostics of the integrity of central heating station equipment.
PRANA identifies and predicts:
  • Unplanned shutdown of pumps.
  • Disturbance of customer heat supply.
  • Damage to heat exchangers.
  • Pipeline ruptures.
  • Consumer load change.
  • Damage to the distribution heating networks.
  • High-high network makeup flows.
  • Disturbance of temperature conditions.
  • Damage to the main heating networks.
  • Inefficient heat supply schemes.
  • Excessive losses.
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Gas Piston Unit
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Diesel Engines and Generators
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Gearboxes and Transmission Equipment
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Electric Motors
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Desalination Plants
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