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According to data from the analytical report of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation for 2017, 3,801 incidents occurred at Unified Energy System of Russia's energy generation facilities. A significant number of those incidents occurred in the boiler room (25.8%) and turbine equipment (21.7%). In 2017, they resulted in more than RUB 15 billion in losses to generating companies. 

This amount includes both direct expenses for equipment repair and parts purchase, as well as losses from non-production of electricity and market regulator penalties for non-delivery of capacity. The most costly breakdowns are related to turbine equipment. According to experts, they caused approximately RUB 8.5 billion in losses. Breakdowns in generating equipment cost the power industry about RUB 2.4 billion.


With large-scale implementation in the country's energy sector, PRANA can reduce these losses by 60%

The system makes it possible to identify and proactively eliminate up to 80% of deviations originating in equipment. The remaining 20% are related to the appearance of unexpected defects and degradation of materials, for example, microcracks. These defects can only be identified upon directly inspecting the metal (flaw detection).

Early detection of faults allows accidents to be prevented, and additional repairs to be planned in advance. Another benefit PRANA brings is effective planning: additional repairs can be scheduled during planned equipment shutdowns to reduce logistics and other costs.

According to the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, in 2016, the user error by the station’s operating personnel caused 6% of the total number of accidents. PRANA's system increases station personnel's know-how and operation awareness, allows you to monitor contractors' work, and gives an objective assessment of the technical condition of the main production assets.


This is how the PRANA forecast system can prevent more than RUB 7.5 billion of direct losses in the energy sector alone every year.

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