Technical Support and Brief Training of Users When Working with the PRANA System

Experts of the ROTEC’s Situational Center can provide remote round-the-clock technical support on system operation via the single email address concerning:

  • technical issues of operation;
  • interface and functions;
  • interpretation of condition changes;
  • using the expert modules.


Plan of theoretical lessons on training the responsible representatives of the customer for operating the PRANA remote monitoring and diagnostics system on the following topics:
Day 1
  1. PRANA system architecture.
  2. Ensuring the information security of the PRANA system at the site and at the ROTEC’s Situational Center.
  3. Applied data processing methods when constructing mathematical models of equipment in the PRANA system.
  4. Automatic real time processing of operational parameters by PRANA system.
  5. PRANA system capabilities for detecting defects and degradation of equipment.
  6. System interface, tools and basic operation of the PRANA system.
Day 2
  1. Interaction of the customer’s personnel with the duty personnel of the ROTEC’s Situational Center.
  2. Scope of provision of operational notifications and reporting documentation.
  3. Use of additional expert modules of the PRANA system.
  4. Formation of forms/templates of automatic reporting on start-ups/shutdowns/repair actions.
Day 3
  1. Program on “Basics of MSET Modeling”.
No. Section Time
1 Introduction. Comparison of physical and statistical (empirical, informational) modeling. 30 min
2 MSET method 40 min
3 Training sample. 20 min
4 Model creation. Correlations of parameters. Arguments selection. 60 min
5 Playing out the model on a sample and viewing the results. 40 min
6 Model adjustment. 20 min
7 Analysis of the detected changes in the technical conditions by ranked disorders and residuals. 90 min
8 PRANA system customer. PRANA system on-line analytics. 60 min
  Total 6 hours


Practical training in PRANA system in the workplace — 11 days.

During the practice period in the workplace, the customer’s specialists brush up their skills of operating the PRANA system for analyzing the technical state and identifying the causes of detected changes.


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