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01 October 2018

Surprisingly, there was no existing specialized system for industrial experts to work remotely and in collaboration until now. Let's be honest - using e-mail to jointly search for defects in a gas turbine is as effective as hammering a nail with foam rubber. But the situation is changing.


26 September 2018

The natural desire of the owner of a technical facility, as a business unit, is to find out the minimum financial investment needed to ensure the equipment is in operable condition, and as a result, receive the maximum profit during operation of the facility. To do this, up-to-date and accurate information must be obtained on how the facility is operated.


23 May 2018

Based on its own algorithms, ROTEC has developed a remote monitoring and prognostics system for power equipment. The main idea is not so much to track the operating parameters of a rotary machine - many manufacturers are able to do this - but to obtain an advance and accurate prediction of its future state


01 February 2017

PRANA is an innovative tool that helps prevent machinery related accidents. This new prognostic tool allows for timely response to faults and failures of various kinds of equipment thus increasing its reliability and maintainability.


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