Project Team

Our team has experts with years of academic practice and operating experience with the following types of equipment: turbines, boilers, compressors, vibration diagnostics and control, heat mechanics, electrical equipment

Project Administrative Structure

The PRANA development team includes 40 experienced scientists and specialists in the field of information technology and industrial equipment:

  • Honored Russian Power Engineers;
  • Honored Mechanical Engineers of Russia;
  • Ph.D.s in physics and mathematics;
  • turbine equipment developers;
  • graduates of MEPhI, Moscow State University, Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

The authors of more than 100 works published in Russian and international scientific publications.

Development Structure

Back end: machine learning, theory and methods of data analysis, statistics, modeling, DevOps, quality control.

Front end: development of mobile applications and web interfaces, database administration.

Our programmers include:
  • Developers;
  • Application Engineers;
  • Application Architects;
  • Project Managers;
  • Development Manager.

We write in C ++, JavaScript, Python, React and Kotlin under the licenses of GNU GPL v3 and Apache 2.0.

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