Do you have a model of the equipment of so-and-so brand, so-and-so manufacturer?

PRANA supports any type of equipment. It takes about 2 weeks for the system to learn to work with a new type of equipment. During this period, data is accumulated at the top level, then poor-quality unreliable data is rejected and a model is built.


Who are your dispatchers and experts? They can not possibly know all types of equipment.

Main part of the Situational Center personnel is technical specialists with practical field experience. We have no intention of replacing operational and engineering personnel of the connected facilities. The PRANA system allows to detect long-term changes in the state of equipment and buy sufficient time for experts in each area to investigate them; and, to protect the equipment from rapidly evolving accidents local process control systems are used.


What equipment is covered by PRANA?

PRANA supports any type of equipment — gas turbines, steam turbines, generators and transformers, engines, booster compressors, pumps, boilers and related equipment from manufacturers such as: Siemens, General Electric, Alstom, Ansaldo, Power Machines, LMZ, REP Holding, Ural Turbine Works, Istroenergo Group, Howden, Borsig, GEA Grasso. Currently, gas turbines of all major global manufacturers are connected to the PRANA system.


What is the PRANA’s staff and what is the experience of programmers, experts, mathematicians?

The PRANA system team includes 40 experienced scientists and experts in the field of information technology and industrial equipment. Experts with years of academic practice and experience in the operation of turbines, boilers, compressors, electrical equipment, experts in vibration diagnostics, heat mechanics, and acoustic research methods are monitoring our customers’ equipment around the clock. Our team includes Honored Power Engineers of Russia, Honored Mechanical Engineers of Russia, doctors of science in the field of physics and mathematics, developers of turbine equipment, graduates of the MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute), MSU (Moscow State University), MPEI (Moscow Power Engineering Institute), BMSTU (Bauman Moscow State Technical University).


Which models are used by PRANA: statistical, physical, mathematical, hybrid?

PRANA is a predictive analytics system based on the MSET (multivariate state estimation technique) algorithm with Hotelling charts, machine learning and artificial intelligence. MSET core is needed to create and play multidimensional models of the equipment state — i.e. digital images that describe how the equipment operates during the control period and in real time. PRANA identifies most critical deviations, identifies and selects 10 parameters that are most relevant to specific deviations. Comparison of these models allows MSET core to detect deviating parameters in the operation of industrial equipment with extremely high sensitivity — even if they do not yet affect the state of the installation. For example, PRANA identifies defects 2-3 months before a potential failure.


What is the price range and how are prices formed (what do they depend on)?

Cost of the system consists of several components: development of information security project and installation of a server at the facility, software subscription fees and expert support.


What are the terms of implementation, pre-project survey, period of construction and installation work, startup and commissioning?

Depending on the project complexity and corporate procedures for coordinating the project, connection period lasts from 1 to 3 months. On average, it takes about two weeks to create a model of a newly connected object.


Does PRANA complies with information security requirements?

Data transfer is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the customer’s corporate protection and the legal framework of the Russian Federation.


What is the forecasting lag?

Forecast directly depends on the rate of fault development; the system detects all incipient faults at the earliest stage when the equipment is still operational.


Who is responsible for incorrect recommendations and to what extend?

Recommendations and information provided by the system only support decisions made by the equipment control personnel and do not replace them.

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