Russia’s PRANA Predictive Analytics System is coming to Kazakhstan

Russia’s PRANA Predictive Analytics System is coming to Kazakhstan
PAVLODARENERGO JSC became the first foreign customer of the PRANA predictive analytics system and a leader in predictive analytics systems implementation in the country. 
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06 December 2019

АPAVLODARENERGO JSC became the first foreign customer of the PRANA predictive analytics system and a leader in predictive analytics systems implementation in the country. The state-of-the-art technology will ensure the reliability and safety of the power generating equipment of generator-transformer unit No. 6 at CHPP-3 in the city of Pavlodar (Kazakhstan). The T-120/130-130 PR2 steam turbine manufactured by the Ural Turbine Works, and the generator and 6T TDTs-160000/110 generator transformer of Power Machines – Toshiba. High-Voltage Transformers are connected to the system. The total capacity of turbine unit No. 6 is 125 MW.

“The use of state-of-the-art solutions and developments is the basis of our technical policy. We plan to use digitalization and the implementation of smart systems to improve the economic efficiency and reliability of the equipment. After a thorough investigation of the market, we decided on the PRANA prognostics system, which had already proved to be efficient in Russian companies in the power industry,” noted Oleg Perfilov, General Director of PAVLODARENERGO JSC.

“By upgrading the fleet of steam turbines at CHPP-3 of PAVLODARENERGO JSC, Kazakhstan’s energy suppliers have de-facto confirmed their interest in the trouble-free, predictable and effective functioning of modern power generating facilities. In the conditions of competitive market, it is very important to provide reliable protection for expensive equipment, and to ensure the safety of personnel and the company in general against potential accidents and unscheduled equipment shutdowns. Our system of predictive diagnostics, which has proved its efficiency, is capable of preventing abnormal situations and saving considerable amounts of money for the customer. By equipping their energy facilities with the PRANA system, the professionals of PAVLODARENERGO JSC have established a new high standard of safety and responsibility for the entire region,” Artyom Markelov, Head of PRANA System, commented

In addition to basic energy equipment, PRANA will be used to monitor the condition of the turbine unit’s foundation. ROTEC specialists equipped the facility with an integrity monitoring system based on an acoustic emission method, as well as a set of sensors for determining temperature, deformation, tilt angle, vibration and linear displacement. Using this data, PRANA will be able at the earliest stage to detect the formation of cracks and material degradation due to vibration from the turbine unit, and to assess column deviations, as well as the smallest movements in the foundation. Data on the facility’s condition will be taken into account when analyzing the operation of the main equipment of a turbine unit, which will further increase the accuracy of forecasts and the efficiency of the solution.

The PRANA Predictive-Analytics and Remote-Monitoring System ( is an industrial IoT solution that identifies defects in the operation of industrial equipment 2–3 months prior to possible accidents. The system combines methods of statistical analysis, digital product imaging, an instrumental technique for working with big data and machine-learning technologies.

PAVLODARENERGO JSC ( is a vertically integrated company, including all elements of energy supply in the Pavlodar Region (generation, transmission and sale of energy resources). The company supplies electricity to the territory of the Pavlodar Region with a total area of 105,900 square kilometers and a population of 754,000 people.

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